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How the Mighty Have Fallen

March 26th, 2012 — 9:24pm

After I heard the wonderful news that three of the four ex-Lucksmiths are reuniting under the banner of a new band called Last Leaves, I got curious. What’s Tali White, the Lucksmiths’ drummer and vocalist, up to these days? After all, he won’t be joining his former bandmates in their new endeavor.

I shouldn’t have asked. Behold, your newest Yellow Pages pitchman:

I really shouldn’t gawk at this video. If this journalism thing doesn’t work out, I could end up doing something equally dreadful, like flacking for the American Port-a-John Association. But this pains me to watch.

The guy who sang this deserves a better fate, no?

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Boom Goes The Ed-Tech

March 22nd, 2012 — 7:10pm

Check out my story in this week’s Chronicle on the recent ed-tech start-up boom.

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Fingers Crossed, All is Not Lost

March 19th, 2012 — 7:48pm

If you know me well, you know I’m an obsessive fan of The Lucksmiths, the Australian indie-pop four-piece that broke up back in May 2009. The band played in DC9 in 2007, opening for The Ladybug Transistor, but I never had a chance to see them live before they called it quits. I moved to DC after they finished their last North American tour.

The same day they announced their break-up, I saw The Tartans play at the Velvet Lounge, and I met a few fellow Lucksmiths fans who were crying into their Natty Bohs. To this day, that show remains one of my favorites.

But enough of the trips down memory lane.

This morning brought fabulous news in the debut of Last Leaves, a new band which counts three ex-Lucksmiths (Marty Donald, Mark Monnone, and Louis Richter) among its members. Noah Symons of Great Earthquake rounds out the lineup.

Here’s a shaggy Last Leaves demo penned by Marty, called “The Nights You Drove Me Home”:

It’s got all of Marty’s signature wordplay (“I’m often dreaming of the days you drove me to distraction / And the nights you drove me home”), and unlike 99% of Lucksmiths tunes, he actually sings lead vocals. And he sounds great.

Here’s hoping for a North American tour sometime soon.

As another Lucksmiths song once put it, “Fingers crossed, all is not lost.”

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