In Print:

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Professor Leaves Stanford Teaching Post, Hoping to Reach 500,000 at Online Start-Up
The Chronicle of Higher Education: After Uproar Over Anti-Piracy Bill, a Movie Studio Courts Law Professors
The Chronicle of Higher Education: You Can Summarize Your Thesis in a Tweet, but Should You?
The Chronicle of Higher Education: On Facebook, Librarian Brings 2 Students From the Early 1900s to Life
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Students’ Video Game Tests New Artificial-Intelligence Engine — at the Prom

Washington City Paper: The Social Subway
Washington City Paper: ‘Hell No, We Won’t Go To Ward 7′
Washington City Paper: Twelve Arrested at D.C. Voting Rights Rally
Washington City Paper: Big Board Brothers Learn Fast Lesson in Food PR
Washington City Paper: Care for a Dip, Your Honor?
Washington City Paper: Adventures in Parenting
Washington City Paper: Sulaimon Brown Stands Down

The Local East Village: Data Shows Bars With Most Noise Complaints, But Is It Just Sound and Fury?
The Local East Village: Thousands of Students (and Anne Hathaway) Protest in Union Square
The Local East Village: CB3 Recommends That Heathers Bar Go Dry
The Local East Village: After the Lab, Lot Will Become Sculpture Garden – and Maybe a Cat Park?

Pavement Pieces: Sheriffs at Center of SB1070 Debate
Pavement Pieces: In Philadelphia, Underground Music Scene Thrives
Pavement Pieces: Rebuilding Detroit: A Booming TechTown